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What the hell is this thing called the "new busy"?

I looked at my day yesterday and realized that I only physically spoke to six or seven people, but instead communicated in the "new busy” way. I received, sent and participated in:
* 147 emails (not counting spamola!)
* 32 text messages
* 16 Facebook messages
* 2 "Go to Meetings” meetings

And a partridge in a pear tree!

During this time, I reviewed several different ads, approved postcards, bought some traditional media, modified and then signed off on several Cycle 1 marketing plans, created a Facebook page for a client, published an ad on Facebook, developed several August open play and corporate offers, established my email grids for the month, worked with a brand new client on setting up a league meeting agenda, and created a Craigslist advertisement.

This was in addition to sending out a request for proposal and participating in a local BPA conference call.

Oh yeah, it started at breakfast (8:15am) and ran thru lunch and finished before dinner (about 8:30pm). We eat late in these parts.

And yet, I didn’t feel like I did enough. I didn’t feel “the burn” like I used to feel when I really worked the phones, pounded out information, typed it, faxed it and followed up on it via phone.

I even liked sending out mail: addressing the envelope, stamping it, sealing it in my very own company envelope and walking it to the mailbox on my way out the door. There was something that was so damn gratifying about that at the end of the day.

Now the “new busy” is working “smarter” via all of the aforementioned electronic miracles at our disposal. It’s about adding people to your Facebook page, building your lists, adding content, creating relevant offers, and all the while…being more efficient. Oh yes, there’s that silly Twitter thing to deal with, too.

Yes, I get more done. Even my friends are amazed at my efficiency and precision type scheduling. In fact, I have demonstrated and taught my clients how to ring every millisecond out of a minute, out of an hour, and eventually out of a day.

But with all this efficiency, why do I feel so much less connected rather than more connected, even with my smart phone tethered to my waist 24/7 and my laptop never more than 2 feet from my sight?

Do you feel this way too? Do you think our employees feel that way after receiving our emails and texts? What about our customers? We do send them a FEW emails these days, don’t we!?

Unfortunately less than 15% of our customers are even bothering to open our information--information they said they wanted when they “opted in.” Due to the “do not call laws,” we can’t even call them on the phone any more and speak to them; we would probably only get their answering machine, anyway.

And that’s too bad.

But I am going to call some of them anyway and just ask them how they are doing, how’s the family and if they are having a good summer, just to hear their voice at the other end of my smart phone and feel connected.

Maybe the old ATT commercial was right all along.
Maybe it is time to “reach out and touch someone”…again
Maybe they would like that.

I know I will.

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