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How many people watch television and listen to classical music from their television?

That's how "niched" we have become. Sometimes there are less than 100 people who comprise a unique segment." Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is no different than mass marketers trying to be individual marketers.

No different than when a marketer tries to be all things to all people with the same product. That's why Glow Bowl, COSMIC BOWL (and all the other "doo hickey" names for music, lights and bowling) is a unique product that appeals to a highly defined segment that we have the ability to market this weekend night product.

If people like it, why has no one extended the product? It's basic marketing 101. Not brain surgery. Some people have gone to BIG SCREENS inside the center and over the lanes with some amazing results.

But what else can we do to that product?
Create 3D Bowling!! Major consumer product manufacturers and retailers are marketing this product. We can get in on the ground swell! Maybe there is even a tie-in promotional opportunity for us!!

Do It Now. Buy The 3-D Screens; Integrate then Communicate.

Budget and f
und the communication about this great new product. Allocate at least 8% of your purchase price for advertising, social networking, PR and street marketing.

Other products like BINGO BOWL have an amazing appeal to seniors in Midwestern and Western cities and towns. Casino bowl on the East Coast uses the appeals of Atlantic City or Foxwoods (works everywhere except at centers in South Jersey, Philadelphia or any place within 50 miles of either Foxwood's or Atlantic City).

The segments get smaller, the niches get more defined, and pretty soon we are marketing to just individuals. Thankfully, social media allows us to market to a segment as small as "one."

This is how specific it gets. This is the new challenge. This is the new normal.
Part one.

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