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The Pork Chop and The Bar Mitzvah. Are You Marketing To The Wrong Audience?

A common objection to a new or semi new idea is usually, "Din't work. Tried
It."  I think what some people are saying here is, yes, they really did try
the idea and implemented it the same old way and when they didn't get the
results they expected, then the conclusion was the idea must be wrong.
Was it because the pork chop didn't fit the Bar Mitzvah menu?
It never does.
Pork chops just don't belong on a Bar Mitzvah menu.
Likewise,  not all products resonate with every one.  In fact, you need to
find a group of people who want certain benefits from a product and then
give it to them
While the program, project or idea did not work, the important question to
ask is WHY didn't it work and what were you really expecting?
Here are some things to check before you just up and dismiss an idea out of
hand...because it still may be good but you marketing was not strong enough
or just didn't fit the prospects wants.
The very first question to ask even before you try to run the program is:
         Who will this appeal to and what are the benefits.  You may think
         you know the answer, but if you start with the assumption that you
         don't, then you will HAVE TO ASK PROSPECTS ABOUT YOUR IDEA.
         WRONG MARKET.
Ask some of these questions and then ask some more?
         Who was my target?
         Was the product relevancy to them?
         Was it a great offer? WHY?
         Was the offer simple, easy to understand and clear?
         How did I communicate it?
         How did  I sell it in center?
         How did I sell it our of center?
         Did I give a guarantee?
         Did I get a testimonial to show that people actually liked it or thought about  liking it?
         Did I use the Internet marketing tools at my disposal in a way that built a relationship?
         Did I give the product enough time to see the light of day or,
         Did i try to do it a just a few days or less than a week?
         When I asked customers, what did they remember about the offer?
We could go on here, but you here's the point.
If you didn't cover all the bases, it may not be the idea, but simply,
incomplete execution or perhaps you shot at the wrong audience with the
wrong product and delivered a messy message?
If you didn't identify the target and set the wrong product out there then
your marketing qualifies for the "Pork Chop at A Bar Mitzvah Award".
Good luck and good hunting.

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