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Maybe its time to hit the reset button.

All the scurrying around and around for the newest promotion or the newest techno marketing tactic makes me dizzy. For what? Because we have been brainwashed into thinking that we can be better if we do the latest and the greatest; sort of like the flavor of the week; It's "Moreitis" the thought that we have been trained to hear - work hard and you'll reach your goals

Who told us that? Your fourth grade teacher? My Junior High school baseball coach? Who?

You know what? it might have been true then, but it's not so true now. In fact the opposite is true. Its not ONLY about working hard. Its about being more creative; about examining some things that you have always done and seeing how to change it by just trying something different that you believe in, and then just doing it. Your customers may love it, laugh at you or just shake their heads. One thing, however; is that they'll remember the event and that you really wanted them to have fun,

So are you ready to take a bit of a risk and try something different?

Just think; the more creative you can be, the more you will be able to capture market share. Why do you think Apple consistently brings out innovative high quality products always at the high end of the price curve? Because Apple believes in high quality innovative products. That is its Mantra. It is in their DNA.

This is an honest strategy; a strategy that has the potential to be a game changer. Because it is not a manipulative strategy, it has a greater potential to be virally spread. Your ability to believe is the creative connection that is in all of us is all that matters. I once heard creativity expressed this way and I bought it lock, stock and bagel: "Creativity is about creating the uncreated".. Now that is cool.

Here is an example: a client,a creative talent and a good friend, Peppe Smith from Camelot Lanes in Boardman, Ohio pushed the reset button for Valentine's Day. She is building a giant Valentines Day cake. It's a little country, a little funky but you know what? It is "real" and it says "it aint business as usual at the Double R Bar ranch! It is an event to be remembered!! I just know that this simple gesture will be a WOW factor. The customers will feel like they got a bonus...and that's a good thing. (Now go get a video of it happening in your center; put it up on your website in real time inside of your blog and see what happens.

Now that's pushing the reset button.

It's also about the new environment that Peppe and her Husband Bob must create... "a connected social community of Camelot customers" who will love to spread the word. Just doing the unexpected because you think it would be fun, because you believe in it and because it doesn't scare you to do it is a strategy that will be rewarding. As a small business owner you can make those changes if you believe in them.

And that's A Gold "Reset award".

What do you think of the reset button strategy and what would your reset strategy be?

P.S. We will find or build a giant button award and begin shipping "Reset Awards" to those of you who send in some of your reset strategies that we judge to be really really spectacular. All the other folks who read this blog will be the judges. And that would be cool, right?

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