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Sometimes we wait and an idea comes to us.

At first, we may think it is a good idea and then after careful examination
we decide that it is not so good after all and decide to discard it.

Our customers, too, may stop and think, "hey, lets go bowling tonight", but
upon examination, they too may decide to do something else or nothing at

What is the dynamic that changes them from an initially positive idea to
deciding not to go forward?

Very simply they dialed into their value set and based on one (or some
combination thereof) of these filters decided not to go bowling:

-  I don't value it the experience that much to go do it NOW. (other
options sound better).

-  I don't have the time to do it NOW. (ah, there'll probably be a wait for
a lane)

-  I don't have the money to do it NOW. (I think it cost allot the last
time  I went there, but I'm not sure)

- I don't have my friends or family to do it NOW. (ah, they just want to
stay home)

Of these "obstacles", the only one you can really control is the first one:
the value of the experience.

So how has your customers' experience been these days?

If you don't know then ask our customers this question (in writing) and let
them drop it into a box.

"On a scale of 1 to 10 would you recommend this bowling center to a
friend."  10 is the best and 1 is the worst.

Anything other than a "9 or higher" and you have the answer to the only
question you can control.

Maybe its time your center gets put to a test.  One way or the other,
you'll find out.

Good luck and good hunting

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