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Social networking site Pinterest is gaining popularity in the media and
among brands. This "online pin board" allows participants to organize and
share all the things they find on the web. This includes images of food,
home, decor, clothing and furniture which users "pin" to their pages.  They
could also pin images of bowling at your center.  Birthday party images;
company party images, cosmic bowling images or images from your laser tag,
balaldium or mini golf venues.  You could post it, pin it and sell a party
on this site.
Here is some data on Pinterest, according to "Hitwise" a digital marketing
research ,as of April 2012.
* Visits to this invitation only site increased in the second half of 2011
to 11 million viewers, an increase of 40% from just 6 months earlier.
* Visitors skewed female 958%) and between the ages of 25 to 44 (59%).
* The greatest share of visits come from the states of California and Texas
and is strongest in the Southeast and Northwest.
What Pinterest gives the bowling operator, the FEC operator and any other
company looking to speak to women is a greater share of the minds of women
25 to 44, predominantly young Moms or single women.
Pinterest is here to stay and will undoubtedly grow even stronger. You need
to look at this new social media channel and see how it can work for you.
In an age of ever expanding social media networks, you cannot afford to not
being aware, involved and noticed on these new sites, simply because your
customers and potential customers are moving there.  If you don't your
customers will begin to ask: Why isn't Happy Lanes Here? And that is not a
place you want to be.
You may not think you have to be on all these social media sites, but the
reality is you do; because your customers expect it...and they are there
Check these social media networks and see if you are involved and marketing
your business with these tools:  *Facebook, *Twitter, *Linked In, *Google
+,and *Pinterest.
 And especially, checkout the new Sheriff in town, and she is called
Good luck and good hunting.

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