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Certain motivations are inherent in human behavior. Motivation for food, shelter and reproduction are universal. But what about other motivations? Below, I have listed what I believe are the top 10 reasons why people buy anything. Except for shoes. I still haven't figured out why my wife buys shoes when she already has a closet full.

1. Appeal only to a prospects reason and you may have no appeal at all; you must connect emotionally.

2. Sell hope. People hope that which they purchase will increase their pleasure or reduce their pain. All motivation falls into these two categories. There is nothing else. Nothing!

3. Familiarity breeds business. Spread your word however you can and as frequently as you can.

4. Take advantage of the "Recency Effect." Follow up brilliantly.

5. Forget looking like the superior choice. Make yourself an excellent choice.
Then eliminate anything that might make you a bad choice. People do not look to always make a "superior choice," they just want to avoid making a "bad choice."

6. People don't just make snap decisions; they get anchored to them.

7. Each impression you make will--temporarily, at least--be your last. So make it strong.

8. Build the quality into your service, but make it less risky too.

9. The best thing you can do for a prospect is eliminate her fear. Offer a trial period or a test project.

10. The more alike two services are, the more important each difference becomes. Accentuate the trivial.


11. Tell the truth, even if it hurts.

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