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We live in a world of uncertainty. There was a time we could count on a few
things like: "if we worked hard, we would get that promotion,get more
money, get a bigger house and car, put our kids through college and then
stroll off into a happy retirement."

For many people, this American Dream has either passed them buy or has been
shattered by the recent economic meltdown. This meltdown has also caused
uncertainty; uncertainty about the future and for CEO's that uncertainty is
translated into "the should I or shouldn't I hire more people question"

Today, workplace uncertainty seems to be "going on forever." American
businesses are still skittish about permanent jobs. So they hire temporary

According to the US Labor Department, temporary workers accounted for
307,000 jobs out of the 1.17 million private sector jobs that were added in
the past year. For the more than 15 million people who are still out of
work, temporary jobs offer less benefits, have no job security and makes it
harder for them to save. But yet, temporary jobs are their window; their
chance at permanency and represent a glimmer of hope in a still very bleak
employment picture.

For you, the bowling proprietor, this could be your chance to draw upon the
excess "talent" that is out there; to raise the bar on the kind of people
you can hire who will be more than willing to serve your customers the
right way.

Who knows? Perhaps their temporary status at your center will become more
permanent and with it you will get a better and more grateful employee who
still believes the American Dream can come true!

And wouldn't that be nice

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