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Want to know the real power of the Internet?

Here is a perfect example.
This one video was seen by over 7,000,000 million people. Seven million! It was brought to my attention by Bart Burger of Brunswick who, during one of his recent presentations at a Brunswick showcase, demonstrated some interesting social media statistics.

Paste this into your browser. Look to the left side of the page, click on VIDEO 1 and get ready for an amazing story. It's about how United Airlines broke Dave Carroll's guitar and in their stumbling, bumbling bureaucratic way was unable and unwilling to fix it. In the interim, it gave Dave's career a jump start...and ingratiated him to millions of people

Now they have seven million people who saw how inflexible they are.

What do you think that cost them in lost sales? And after you see it, do you think you just might pick another airline for your next travel experience?

It's the same thing in our entertainment centers.

The customer doesn't care who is right or who is wrong. Please don't let one damaged bowling ball or one bad birthday party put your center on You Tube.

Just do the right thing and fix the damn problem.

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