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We updated our "Vision, Mission and UVP page yesterday and it has me feeling very focused on who I want to serve and why.

Thanks for the review...


Our vision is to connect bowling centers with untapped local prospects who simply need to see their local bowling center's name and offer in-front of them to (re)discover the fun of bowling.


Our mission is to assist bowling centers nationwide on filling empty lanes with New Bowlers, Company Outings and Birthday Parties resulting in a Return On Investment of 3 to 10 times on their marketing dollars.

Unique Value Proposition

We will accomplish our Vision and Mission through our "Unique Value Proposition" which is...

BMA assists bowling centers nationwide. We fill empty lanes with New Bowlers, Company Outings and Birthday Parties by placing 120,000 coupons across 24 high-traffic Merchants like McDonalds.

We multiply our clients' marketing dollars 3 to 10 times.

Your closest prospects see our coupons for 3 months. TV, newspapers and online can be too broad and only last days.

Unlike our competitors, we focus only on high-traffic merchants and we include ongoing merchant contact, coupon data-entry and email follow-up to your coupon about half the cost.

Visit for an up-to-date list of centers reporting positive results.

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