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Another Super Bowl has come and gone and we are no closer to having a
bowling commercial on the Big Game (watched this year by only 108 million
people) than we were last year.

This year, I had an opportunity to interview for a BPAA Board position and
as we went through the various interviewee type questions, I was informed
that the mission statement of the BPAA was to increase the proprietor’s

I buy that lock stock and bowling glove, but what’s going to happen to
Larry the proprietor who can’t afford to even advertise in his home town
and , unfortunately, when he does some hot shot media person gives him a
schedule that just doesn't make it. Based upon his poor results, he vows
never to do cable TV again. Same thing happened to him with Radio and, of
course, Newspaper. Never again.

So now Larry is locked and loaded into the Internet, into email, into
twitter and SEO and all that good stuff and maybe 10% of the people he
sends stuff to actually read it?  And less than half take some action

There’s only one problem.There’s only one problem.

Will a super bowl commercial fix our industry’s woes? No, of course not,
but maybe people will start to say. “Oh yeah, bowling, I used to do that.
Let’s go and do it after the game, next Friday night. Whenever. It is now
in someone’s brain; maybe 108 million brains.

Commercials this year cost $4,000.000 for a 30 second spot and production
costs about $200,000 per spot. If we’re a $4 billion dollar industry at
retail, then $4.2 million is ONE TENTH OF A PERCENT…and I am told it is
too expensive; that it won’t make a difference; that it’s a waste of

Do all those Hyundai, Pepsi and Chrysler people think that?  On the
world’s biggest stage, some of the world’s biggest advertisers come to
perform and some lead their field. Hyundais sales have been nothing short
of miraculous and Chrysler's comeback is no less spectacular.

Too bad the sport I love and with more pay for play participants than any
other activity in the USA sits woefully on the sideline holding its head
in its hands thinking about the next “8 for 8” bowling league instead of
figuring out how to use some Pepsi money or Smart Buy money to get on
stage and show our stuff.

Am I nuts?

Fred Kaplowitz can be reached @ 516 359 4874

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Comment by Phil Ontko on February 16, 2013 at 5:36am

Not nuts......
But I am betting we will just wait for the free magic bullet :(

(Nothing is ever free & there is no such thing as magic)

Well back to work,


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