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12 lane center Wayne Lanes (Waynesboro, VA) reports that in the fist 15 days of their Merchant Coupon program ( they received over 75 coupons, many of which far exceeded the $10 per visit average that the program typically produces.

Owner Shawn Lavender said "We've b
een rolling in coupons...the response is better than I ever anticipated. It's amazing. Most people really are buying a paid
game in addition to the shoe rental and F&B purchases." Shawn added, "Just
going through the coupons as we talk, here's one for $38 and here's another
for $16. Plus, I already got a bunch of Birthday Party sales using the coupon's 10% OFF discount."

Thanks for sharing your results Shawn!

Another piece of good news for Wayne Lanes was a Holiday Party booking from one of their Merchant Partners. During the "15 Day follow-up" phone calls BMA makes to a center's Merchant Partners where we ensure that the coupons are on display for distribution, this time of year we ask each merchant to consider the center for their Holiday Party planning. One of the merchants took us up on the suggestion and booked a 25 person party.

(Waynesboro, VA)

A few short weeks ago Shawn took us up on our offer to perform a no-cost Market Test. Once he saw a live sample of the high-traffic Merchant Partners we were able to create, he ordered our program and is now filling empty lanes and boosting revenue.

Call me for your no-cost Market Test.
Chris Swanson BMA Marketing 800-603-3985

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