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August 21, 2012 CNN News:
“The number of single people in America is growing at more than twice the
rate of those who are wed, and if that trend continues,single adults will
soon account for a larger share of the U.S. population than married couples
for the first time on record, according to CNN. The number of new marriages
in the United States declined 5% in 2011 alone."

If that doesn’t change the dynamic of society and the landscape for us
marketers, I don’t know much else that will.  The changes that this will
bring in terms of food, clothing and shelter purchases as well as
recreational purchases will be profound.

For example, since single people tend to stay up later, maybe we will need
to open later and close later.  Maybe we will need to add more “21 to 34”
entertainment options (i.e.) cooler bars, more “grazing” food, more “craft”
beers, more party atmosphere. Or more of a Starbucks atmosphere. Or more
connectivity during the day time hours,  as a great place to meet people,
especially for those who work at home and sometimes want to be around

As a bowling proprietor, you will need to really redefine what family
entertainment means to a new generation of people who have not yet formed
THEIR family, but are still part of their EXISTING family, even if they are
older children; perhaps even living at home again like 29% of all 25 to 34
yr olds are doing these days.

It hasn’t been a “Fathers Knows Best" family image out there for a long
time, but soon this image will be a vague remembrance of bygone times and
old wines.

Maybe we need to examine more closely this "new" family unit and how its
members define themselves. "Brothers or sisters or cousins?  There is an
old song by Sister Sledge. The lyrics go something like this: ‘”we are
family. I got all my sisters with me”.

There are other references to family in the movies, “Band of Brothers” and
TV shows, “Brothers and Sisters” so it seems that as a culture we value the
word family but are redefining it differently than before.

Just ask a single Mom or Dad with one or two kids if they are “family?”  Or
ask two single Moms who have moved in together with their children if they
are family?  Or ask two Gay or Lesbian people if they are family; some even
with children?

The answer will always be a resounding YES.

What programs do you have for these nontraditional Moms or Dads?  Or groups
of friends that are so close that they refer to each other as brother or
sister?  And it’s just not an ethnic thing.  It’s an American thing.

So the lesson is; we need to learn how to do business with these new
demographic “family units” or go home and watch reruns of “Ozzie and

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