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The Committed League Bowler

Whether they admit it or not, they want to be better bowlers. Most will never get much better than they are. They like recognition and power, thus you will usually find that they are league officers and team captains. Some will get involved by bowling in local tournaments but most know that they are not good enough to cash.

This group can be approached to get involved more that they are. We can design tournaments where these bowlers can be competitive and cash. Ideas such as Captain and Officers tournament, Tournaments with average maximums of less than 195, 3-6-9 or No-Tap, etc. will help these bowlers get involved. These bowlers would need to be approached one-on-one to explain why they will have a chance. We can design another league for them, especially if they are a team captain in the current league and want to be an officer. They will help you recruit bowlers.

They need easy cost-effective ways of purchasing better equipment so maybe an upgraded ball league. As mentioned before, these are bowlers who want to move to the next level. Classes and instruction designed specifically for this group may work.

This group may have family and or friends that come with them to watch. Talk to the family members about the bowler. Find out what turns on the bowler. Complement the bowler to their family and friends. Make the family member or friend feel comfortable. Offer a free soft drink or see if they want to bowl that day/night or maybe come some other time.

Coupons, specials and other discounts are probably important to this group. Not just bowling, but food and drink coupons.

These bowlers need recognition. Remember to announce high scores.

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