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The Casual Bowler

This group tends to be younger than the other groups. They are more price conscience and are looking for fun. This group is not one that will join a league or become frequent bowlers easily. They are just looking for a good time and will come in 1-4 times a year.

This is the group that needs price specials and packages. They will spend money in the center but much of it will be in food and drink. However, since they are really unfamiliar with what is available at the center, the center must do a good job of telling them about the food and drink available. Pictures of food in areas where the bowlers will be might make a difference. Samples of food at busy times may make them purchase a full order of something (think a small square of pizza as a sample and they may order a whole pizza). Menus in the bowlers vision, especially with appetizing pictures, not drawings, may help them decide that they want some of our food. Pricing of the food must be in line with what they would expect at a bar or café and we must let the bowlers know what the pricing is. Having all of this information at the snack bar will do little to help sales and will do nothing on bringing this group in a couple more times.

The casual bowler must be educated on what drinks we have available. They probably do not know which beers we carry, that we sell by the pitcher and the glass, what our specials are and what our pricing is. Once again, this must be communicated not in the lounge but where the bowlers are. The bowlers also must be told if there will be any events in the lounge, such as karaoke, games, hors d’oeuvres, etc. Do not let them try to guess if we have anything going on. They will just assume that we do not.

Having the information at the desk or on flyers in the entryway is a waste on this group. This group must have the information where they will be spending time and it needs to be inviting and appetizing. Even information on specials must be done in the bowlers area or nearby. Handing the information out one-on-one is also a great way of communicating with this group as long as the visit is short and is informational, not a sales pitch.

The casual bowler needs to be reminded about bowling and our center. Do not assume that if they have fun at the center they will think about it even the next week. Also, do not assume that they know that the bowl exists as they may not go directly past the bowling center on their regular routines. This group does not read the newspaper but may read specific free publications that deal with clubs, concerts, bars, entertainments, etc. The casual bowler may be reached through radio, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and door knockers. Our web page is semi important to this group for the listing of our specials and non-tournament events but they will only go if it is advertised. Placing the webpage information in all ads is a must. The best way to reach this group is having people talk up the bowling center as the place to be but that is the challenge.

Remember that the casual bowler does not go bowling by themselves. This means that promotions, packages, specials, etc. need to be geared to couples and groups of 3-8. These customers are looking for a social fun experience so games, music, lighting, prizes, etc. are a must. They want to be entertained but for not a lot of money. They need to be brought in on the inexpensive fun and but they will spend most or all of their money if they are given a good reason to (food, drink, arcade, etc.).

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