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Going on vacation is not what it used to be. Even if it is for a few days.
Before cellphones, computers, text messages and other 21st century
communication technology, we simply called our clients or faxed them a
brief note that went something like this:

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"We'll be on vacation the week of ____ and if you have any questions,
please call   ________.  We'll be checking in almost every day so if you
need us, please leave a message with (name of assistant) and we'll get back
to you as soon as possible"

And off we went.

Not so simple anymore. The expectations to always be connected and always
available are paramount. And when you are not, there is an element of
"what-the-heck, where-is-he-frustration" that sets in.  This does not make
for good communications, happy customers, clients or business partners.

Now when we go on vacation, we are never really disconnected, no more than
if we we were in our office. Only now we sit under an umbrella,  drinking
some silly drink with a parasol in it,  working.

It's the "New American Vacation."

I wonder what would happen if everyone in the country put their cellphones
down for one minute every day.  No talking. No texting. No emailing. There
would be absolutely no communication and total silence. It would be a one
minute vacation every day.

What would you do during that one minute?  Here are some random ideas?

      1. forget to turn off your phone
      2. wait for it to end
      3. think of something new
      4. think of something old
      5. remember something to do
      6. pray
      7. laugh
      8. smile
      9. cry
      10. scowl
      11. smile
      12. blow your nose
      13. cough
      14. write
      15. eat
      16. drink
      17. go to the bathroom
      18. cut your finger nails
      19. read
      20. drive
      21. work on computer
      22. listen to radio, i pod, i pad
      23. watch TV, computer
      24. run
      25. jump
      26. walk
      27. skip
      28. do math problems
      29. spell something
      30. meditate
      31. do yoga
      32. take your pulse

Would you think about the business for that one minute with no
distractions?  Would you find another 14 minutes to have no interruptions;
no communications and just clear out your head to think about "what if we

And then after the first month, you find 30 minutes a day.  I'll bet you
would get some breakthroughs.  For those of you non believers who say, "Who
has the time for a half hour a day?" I humbly say, "My friend, if you don't
have the time, then you have no priorities!"

But back to the question, what WOULD you do with that one minute, or
fifteen minutes or thirty minutes?

What do you think?

   Fred Kaplowitz can be reached @ 516 359 4874 or

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