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In the days before computer imaging and technology, manufacturing was
conducted by subtraction.

That is, a large block or sheet of metal was rolled out and a press or a
cutter was used to make it into the precise size the part was specified.

Manufacturers literally “subtracted” pieces of the block or sheet to make
the part.

In today’s world, 3D printing technology, it can make a car fender, a
computer screen or almost anything else by “adding” the technology to it.

Parts for spacecraft have been done this way for years. I haven’t seen it
in person, but some of my friends who are 3D geeks say this is the future
that all manufacturing will be done.

If that be the case, then what is to follow?  Will we add more to our
existing stuff?  As proprietors, we have added sweepers, tournaments, 9pn
and 8 pin no tap games, and a myriad of other games to the basic 10 pin

But how do you know what consumers want?

Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would
have said a faster horse.”  Obviously the Model T was not even a dream in
their mind, but it was in Henry’s mind.

So it took old Henry to have a vision, to have a dream and come up with
something completely different from the horse to satisfy desires customers
didn’t even know they had.

It took a risk. It took perseverance and it took looking into the future.
As bowling slowly morphs into FEC’s then FEC’s will start morphing into
something else.


What will that something else be?  Is someone already working on that?

Why not you?

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