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As much as we talk about training employees, hiring employees and getting better employees, it seems that even with these changes, we improve our business, at best, in small increments. Sometimes you get lucky and you find a superstar or someone with the potential to be a superstar.

More frequently, you hire someone with more experience, someone who knows what to do NOW.

But what you really need is someone who knows what to do NEXT.

A new manager comes on board and after a few weeks impresses you because she developed and built a new short-season league in a spot you have been struggling to fill. But what is she going to do next? What is her plan for these people after they finish their 8 -to -10-week program?

"Rolling them over" is a strategy that we hear frequently and it can take on many faces, but the really good person, the person you need on your staff, is the
person who knows what to do next and knows what to do next when they are implementing the NOW program.

The continuity of business today requires a dynamically flowing process. Not one program and then another, but a strategy that builds upon each program and (customer) experience and has the next step process built into the initial implementation.

Think of it as playing pool. When you get the shot to sink the seven ball in the side pocket and it is a virtual "gimmee," the important part of the shot is not sinking the seven ball.

No, the important part of the shot is where the ball ends up (the position) after the shot so it can
set up the next shot!

Who in your organization plays pool and knows what to do NEXT?

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