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In visiting my clients, I often hear the lamentable phrases like, " our programs are really good, we offer great stuff, but as hard as we try, people just aren't buying it; it's just not selling".

The second lamentable phrase I hear is, "We're a league based house; we only offer 32 week programs, now they want shorter and shorter league seasons, its just not fair!"

To these phrases I often say, "Hey Larry, your center is basing its marketing strategy on what you want to offer, not what the prospective customer wants to buy."

Would you buy something from someone who says you ought to buy this product even though you know there is something out there that's a better product or a cooler product?

Just because you try hard or sell better, doesn't mean that customers are going to go looking for your same old product. You wouldn't either, right?

If a product doesn't meet your needs as a consumer, why would it be good enough for you as a marketer?

Would you really buy into a 32 week program, when NEW consumers (like you) tell us they just want 6 to 8 week sessions?

Change is a good thing.
Try it.

It will make your marketing more productive.

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