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Most retailers want to believe that if they reduce price and advertise the reduced price,customers will flock to their doors. After all the product is on "sale" and consumers respond, almost in a Pavlovian manner, by taking out their wallets.

Or do they?

In the mattress industry, furniture industry and appliance industry, there
almost always seems to be a sale going on. So it goes for cars, clothes, shoes, pillows and bed linen, towels, toiletries, groceries, health clubs, spa treatments, telephone calling plans, computers and peripheral equipment, televisions and stereos, fast food restaurants. The list goes on and on.

Its probably harder to find a consumer industry that isn't on sale lately. But very few do it like the bowling industry. We put our product on sale and only tell the customers who were going to come there anyway.

Some of us tell them by placing a flier on the main customer service area desk. Sometimes we will even make an announcement. Others send out an email, like it's direct mail. And still others don't even have a flier; they just tell their employees and hope their employees remember and tell the customer.

Its harsh to say this, I know, but why bother having a sale and not telling any one?

Yes, I know its expensive to advertise. But what if instead of cutting your price and giving up that revenue, you spent that money and invested it in media. Sure, Internet stuff is important. It's contemporary. It's inexpensive. It's a dream...yet less than 15% of your customers even bother to open your email.
That means 6 out of 7 people don't even want to look at what you are sending them. Don't take it personally. How many times have YOU said, "I get so many %#%E#^^ emails, i just trash 'em!!!!"?


So don't go betting the farm on just ONE medium. Layer your approach. Test various campaigns. Test various offers. Work on it 'til you get it. Be obsessed.

And if you need professional help, give me a buzz. It's what I proprietors to build revenue.

Just "don't do nuthin!"...please.

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