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The man who could, usually does.
The man who would, usually doesn’t.
The man who should has let the opportunity pass.

If you are letting seasonal opportunities pass you by, you might be in the
“shoulda” category. On the other hand if you’re in the “coulda” category,
here’s some things you could do that you might not have thought of.
(hopefully you have and this is just a checklist

   1. List your top 25 league bowler friends who work at big companies and
      ask them who their HJR person is and if they know if the company has
      planned, usually plans or has not planned a holiday party.  Then ask
      if you can contact the HR person and use the bowler’s name as a way
      to get past
      the gate keeper.”

   2. Use an oversized postcard and send it to the HR people on your
      business data base.  If you do not have a business data base, buy one
      from INFOUSA.COM. on the postcard, do NOT list you prices, just say
      something like “Great Holiday Parties Starting At $X.XX Per Person.

   3. Make sure you create an offer on the postcard.  For example, bring 25
      people and save $50; bring 50 people and save $100; bring 100 people
      and save $200.

   4. Start your follow up calls after your mailing and invite the HR
      person into your center. Show him/here the product. No need for you
      to go to them.

   5. Make sure you have testimonials about your holiday parties or any
      parties on your website. Put a “party video clip” up on the site if
      you have it too!

   6. Use your Facebook to set up a sweepstakes by offering a free holiday
      party.  Get people to give you the 5 best reasons why a holiday
      bowling party is better than any other party.

   7. Make sure you have a “Twelve Days of Christmas Program” in Place that
      offers school kids the opportunity to get a free game a day from
      December 26th thru January 6th.

   8. Have all of your fliers for new league formation in January up and
      available right before the Thanksgiving holiday and train your staff
      to solicit for league sign ups based upon the demography of the
      people who come to the customer service/welcome desk.

   9. When you have your company parties, make sure to get the email
      addresses of al people at the party. You can do this by offering them
      the opportunity to win a _______.

   10. Use a “robo-call service” to contact your Kids Bowl Free Moms about
      your New Years Eve parties.

    Be the “coulda” person this holiday season and win at the cash

You can always call me at 516 359 4874 to chat about this.
Always happy to help.

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