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If you watched any part of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, you
might have seen some “over the top”
performances by myriad actors, dancers, singers and certainly the
lighting, sound effects, stage effects and creative

God knows what the Super bowl people will do for a half time show!  But,
back to the Olympics.  I never thought I would see 20 or so Mary Poppins
flying in.  Nor did I ever dream that the Queen of England, in a simulated
format, would lend credence to jumping out of a helicopter to join in the

Entertainment is no longer measured by a simple “Wow” or even the teenage
“Awesome dude”, or even the tried and true “Unbelievable” exclamation
points.  No, new adjectives and adverbs will need to be brought forth.
What could we say about it that hasn’t been said before?

And that is exactly what the producers of these shows want us to say,
“I’ve never seen this before….it was ___________.

And that’s where the word is needed.

So how can you translate this jaded global need for entertainment or an
event that can’t even be described any more in your bowling center.  What
products can you look at first that might give you the greatest payback at
the least expense?

How about a birthday party for kids? Have you tried to put the
entertainment in the party or is it two slices of pizza and a Pepsi,
balloons and some hats?

How about some of these? Mascots, Magicians, Face Painters, Clowns, Hula
Hoop specialists, Special lighting effects and Beatles music - “They Say
It’s Your Birthday.”  Of course, this is built into the price.

My favorite is to schedule your parties at 3 different times on Saturday
so you have three different shows.  Then have n MC say something like,
“Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages welcome tot Tommy’s,
Ashley’s Jose’s and Willie’s birthday parties.”  Have them go up and roll
the first ball, then play the birthday song.

Give 'em a T shirt that says “BIG STAR” with a star on the shirt. And
center name of course. You don't even have to say anything about birthday;
that way they would wear your shirt more often than just on their

OK, the rest is up to you.  Just create entertainment that people will
say, "I've never seen that before" because “Wow” is no longer a big deal.

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