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Before getting started on this blog, I want to post a few responses from
several of my readers to my “Offense vs. Defense” blog of last week.
Thought you would be interested in their comments

      “Fred, I think this was one of your most educational and articulate
      posts yet.  However, I think you left out one management failing that
      is a combination of the two.  There are many managers who talk about
      offense and solicit new ideas but never make a decision until they
      have "more information".

      Or, they try the new idea but give it up after a short period of time
      before it has a chance to be measurable because "it didn't work".  In
      this way they never have to face the changes in the industry or in
      the market.

      One of the challenges facing the bowling industry is the lack of
      management training.  I would encourage additional future posts that
      make people think through some of their basic assumptions in their
      management style.  Good work.”

                                                      Sincerely, Ken Paton

      This one should be framed! The bowling business is a great one!  When
      we have some group events and corporate parties, we hear the same
      thing "I forgot how much fun bowling is". You are correct--we need
      offensive players to create and execute ideas on how to drive
      traffic!  As we used to say at Brunswick..."most everyone loves to
      bowl---our job is to keep it Top of Mind." Nice work, Fred.”

      Regards, Tom Funk


      I am so tired of the negative Nancy. While everyone has challenges
      complaining about them won't change things. We need to take action.

      They say league bowling is dead. Our 32 week leagues are up 11% this
      year. They say even is the new up when it comes to open play. We are
      up 42% for September and October. They say the chains are killing the
      snack bar and restaurants inside bowling alleys. We are up 26% for
      September and October.

       Yes, all my employees know about it, celebrated it at our last
      employee meeting and take pride in it because I let them know they
      are the main reason for things going so well. Your best investment
      will always be training. Attend webinars and seminars, take BPAA
      on-line courses, join Focus on Results, and read blogs like this
      one...then pass what you learned down to them.   Only mushrooms grow
      in the dark. Keep your staff informed”.

      Thanks Fred, Lew Simms

Here’s The Real Blog for Today

You’re So Good, You’re Boring

I’ve been in your center. Its sparkling clean, systemized, procedurized,
customer servicized and predictable as the sun rising in the East and
setting in the West.

In fact, you’re so good, so predictable that after going to your center 3
or 4 times, I think I’ll try something different. Want to know why?

Because your center is utterly boring. Nothing surprises me. Nothing
excites me anymore.  Your people all have the same smiles, the same
predictably canned answers and the oh so familiar, “Thanks for coming –hope
to see you soon answers.”

When are you going to get back to being unpredictable? Because the people
who set the trends, the people who care are those that live on the edges
are drawn to the idiosyncratic nature of a place or product; to its
unpredictability, to what can be customized or tweaked…sometimes even the
things that might not even work 100%

Anybody remember why you bowled in the Petersen?

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