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Greetings Bowling Proprietors!

By now, you may have heard about "We've Got Balls," a 92-minute, family-friendly, quirky/campy comedy--the first film project for Ree-invent Films, which--thanks to Dave Osborn and Gary Forman (who play characters in the film)--was shot at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Valley.

The storyline: We’ve Got Balls” is set in the fictional town of Fountain Springs (pop. 52) where the film focuses on the efforts of the townsfolk when they learn their beloved bowling center— “the only thing they’ve got”—Fountain Bowl, is threatened by a greedy land developer who plans to tear it down in order to build a gambling casino with her Indian Chief business partner. The land developer's son, Alex, is sent on behalf of his greedy land-developing mother to "take care of business"--to tear the place down. However, he, and Simon and Irwin, the ditzy twin sons of the center's owner, over drinks, bet the fate of the bowling center on Fountain Bowl's 25th annual "Over the Shoulder, Under the Arm," bowling tournament. 
With the economy being what it has been, and many bowling enterprises facing potential shutdowns, we think the film serves as a rallying cry to keep bowling centers thriving. You can view the two trailers for the film at 

The David and Goliath story has a poignant message as well: What may mean nothing to one person, may mean everything to somebody else.

We're now doing an early release of the DVD for the bowling industry. We're making the DVD available to all bowling centers across the country who might want to join us in having the film available at the front desk for sale. Ree-invent is offering the DVD copies of the film to each center at a 10 to 25% discount, depending on how many you buy! We at Ree-invent are challenging every center to host an "Over the Shoulder, Under the Arm," tournament--the "whacked-out bowling showdown" to raise money for its favorite charity. Ree-invent will gladly help with marketing ideas to publicize and organize that tournament. 

"We've Got Balls," won eight major awards along the film festival circuit and sold out at every theater where it screened. Maybe you would like to have the film running throughout the day and evening on your TV monitors, too! Or host special screenings. 

We are extremely grateful to Dave Osborn (who plays the center's bartender) and to Gary Forman (who plays the "hands-tied" demo company owner), and to Scott Frager. They have all been such supporters of our film!! Dave and Gary let us shoot the film off and on for two months at Fountain Bowl!!

Please don't hesitate to call Ree-invent's offices with any questions and to fill your DVD orders. 

Wishing you nothing but strikes and continued success,

Cherie Kerr and the "Balls" team!


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